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SDGs Initiatives 2022

Universitas Indonesia’s dedication to the SDGs is reflected in the Rector’s Declaration, university initiatives, classes, and studies. To view UI’s pledges for each SDG, click on the “See All SDGs” button

Rector's Speech

In 2022, the world is confronting a spectrum of
complex and diverse dynamics, both globally and at the national level. This year has borne witness to a multitude of events that have shaken the very foundations of human existence, compelling us to adapt and unite in the face of formidable challenges that persistently emerge.
Alterations and tensions within the geopolitical and social dynamics across various regions of the world have contributed to concerns about the increasing vulnerability of global food security. The steady rise in prices of food commodities and energy has enveloped the world in prolonged uncertainty.
Moreover, the global climate change remains a central focus. Phenomena such as extreme weather patterns, rising sea levels, and environmental degradation serve as constant reminders of the urgency for swift and effective action to safeguard our planet. This necessitates the implementation of sustainable practices in the energy and environmental sectors.

Top 3 SDGs

Implementation SDGs 17 in Universitas Indonesia

Sustainable development, a crucial and pressing objective, is a collective responsibility that resonates with every segment of society globally. Its attainment not only requires interconnectedness among the various goals set forth but also necessitates robust collaboration and synergies between diverse institutions, governmental bodies, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and individuals at large. Only through such comprehensive partnerships can we truly hope to achieve a sustainable future for all.

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A total of 13 students who won the Serang Regency Government Vocational scholarship at the University of Indonesia graduated and immediately went to work at the Dr. Drajat Prawiranegara Hospital (RSDP).

Smart City Universitas Indonesia (UI) collaborated with the University of Notre Dame and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to conduct research on the role of universities in creating a dynamic agricultural innovation ecosystem in West Java.

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UI, as an implementation of the Tri Darma of Higher Education, organizes integrated social programs through sports activities. It is a Badminton Championship event organized by FISIP which is attended by 511 badminton athletes.

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