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A high-quality education should be an area where universities excel. Education is a key gateway out of inequalities, especially multi-generational ones. In addition to improving quality of life, access to inclusive education can help equip locals with the tools required to develop innovative solutions to the world’s greatest problems. SDG 4 explores early years and lifelong learning.

THE Impact Rankings Methodology 2022, p. 52

Lifelong learning measures

Open Educational Resources Universitas Indonesia. Universitas Indonesia has several Open Educational Resources that the public can access. Some courses are free, while some are paid courses.  

Global Development Learning Network (GDLN UI). GDLN is a learning network initiated by the World Bank in 2000, which today has more than 120 learning centers (GDLN affiliates). Its main goal is to enable GDLN affiliates to host coordination, consultation, and training events in a timely and cost-effective manner through videoconferencing, high-speed internet resources, and interactive facilitation and learning techniques. GDLN UI hosts several video conference-based learning events, such as training, seminars or joint courses. Anyone interested in the event can register and attend.

Open CourseWare (OCW UI). Open CourseWare of UI is an initiative based on the OCW MIT Consortium, consisting of free courses material shared by UI faculty members. OCW UI can be accessed in and already have 58 free courses available for everyone.

Open Videos (OVIS UI). Open Videos of UI, first published in 2013, consists of a recorded public lectures by several high-profile public figures. It continues to create a recorded session from classroom lectures, general lectures, or video conference sessions. In 2015, OVIS UI was expanded to include educational content produced by DPASDP. To date, UI already have a vast collection of 1047 educational videos, which can be accessed from

Since 2020, UI has initiated Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) development and implementation. Before MOOCs, in 2014, UI opened up its courses to approximately 3085 students from other universities through the PDITT program from the ministry of education. To date, UI has developed over 152 MOOCs from each faculty. Some of them were in a development phase, and some were already opened and enrolled by students. UI MOOCs is designed to enhance UI reputation as a thought leader, broaden access to quality education, and gain income. Link:

Faculty of Dentistry of Universitas Indonesia support early years, lifelong learning, and their nations through ensuring equality of access to their facilities. Various activities and programs can be accessed in official media such as instagram @dentistry_ui,, twitter @dentistry_ui and website

In order to support and provide resources for public with the intention of lifelong learning, Vocational Program of Universitas Indonesia provides access in the form of Educational Resources which freely open particularly for public unable to enjoy studying in Universitas Indonesia. Vocational Program of UI opens Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) program as well as public relation program for general public.

Online Seminar at the Faculty of Public Health of UI

Since 2020, Faculty of Psychology have its own YouTube channel that contains video documentation of webinars as well as workshops organized by the faculty. This channel as well as the video could be accessed by anyone and anytime.

2020 Training Schedule Calendar, Center for Accountancy Development of Faculty of Economy and Business of UI

Universitas Indonesia holds public lectures and seminars which are open to the public for free by involving the roles of the faculties at UI and student organizations.

OVIS UI ( of Universitas Indonesia continues to develop an online platform that can be accessed by the public called as an effort to support “lifelong learning” for the public. The community can find videos about health, hygiene, sports, economics, family planning, and other topics related to activities in the community at Ovis UI. Moreover, Ovis UI also shares some tutorial videos from faculties, therefore the public can earn valuable information from UI’s lecturers. More importantly, all this information at Ovis UI is conveyed by lecturers from Universitas Indonesia and selected experts.

Career Development Center of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia

Research Talk is a webinar series featuring researchers and experts to share about researches in computer science and information system in Faculty of Computer Science UI. For example Research Talk: Knowledge Graphs and Wikidata with Dr. Adila Krisnadhi & Dr. Fariz Darari

Covid19 in Indonesia: A Momentum to Improve Indonesian Social Security System?

The Faculty of Psychology organizes many educational public events every year. Such events include 1. Workshops for special category participants, usually psychologists, counsellors, and social workers 2. Open workshops for anyone interested in the topic 3. Public lectures 4. Seminar and webinar about mental health and related issues 5. Symposium and mini symposium. Since 2020, the video documentation of events that open for public could be accessed in Faculty of Psychology official YouTube channel

Universitas Indonesia, through The Career Development Center of Universitas Indonesia in collaboration with the CDC of the Faculty of Medicine of UI, the Directorate of Student Affairs and Public Relations of UI, PT Tokopedia, the Indonesian Air Force, PT Maersk, PT Paragon, PT Shopee International Indonesia, PT Andiarta Muzizat (Ninja Xpress), PT Victory Chingluh Indonesia, CNN Indonesia, LinkedIn, and FWD Life Indonesia, holds some vocational training events to the public, seminars related to soft skill training, preparation seminars for entering the world of work, global leader seminars, Career Talk Activity, and Alumni Lecture. The career preparation and guidance service program consist of soft skills training for career planning, soft-skills seminars, career preparation seminars, internship seminars, alumni lectures, and soft skills for job seekers.

The soft skills training for career planning is held to assist Universitas Indonesia’s students in developing and planning their career, so they can get a clear visual of problems in the workplace and be more prepared to enter the work field. In preparation to enter the work field, Career Development Center of UI (CDC-UI) invites new UI alumni to attend the Alumni Lecture Program. The program is made for UI alumni who just graduated to give them motivation and advice for a successful career in the work field.

Workshop on Scientific Writing

Education and Ethics in Digital Society

Uncertainty in the Clouds: How Online Machine Learning can Leverage the Nature of Its Dynamic Performance

Faculty of Psychology provides workshops and training for practitioners in psychological related fields. These workshops also targeted students who are currently pursuing their master’s degree in professional psychology. With these activities, the Faculty of Psychology hopes to assist practitioners in their profession.

UI Faculty of Psychology Instagram Account

UI Faculty of Psychology Crisis Center

The Center for Continuing Legal Education, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (CLE FHUI) is a non-degree legal further education institution under the auspices of FHUI that plays a role in legal education and training as part of the stages of obtaining certification profession as well as in order to increase the capacity of Human Resources (HR) on the parties both from the government, companies, and individuals. The trainings that have been held are as follows: Business Competition Law Training, Special Advocate Professional Training, Government Law Training, Legislative Drafting Training, Contract Drafting Training, Accounting Training for Legal Experts, and Capital Market Legal Training.

The Center for Continuing Legal Education, Faculty of Law Legal Education and Training

Crisis Center of Faculty of Psychology, an institution under the Faculty of Psychology, organizes Psychological First Aid training for health workers in Palu, Sigi, and Donggala. This training is a collaboration with WHO in hopes to prepare health workers for giving psychological first aid to survivors in a critical situation, like post-natural disasters. In 2019, the Faculty of Psychology also organized a psychoeducation program called “Aku Peduli”. This event introduces inclusive education for children with special needs to parents with regular kids in inclusive kindergartens. Faculty of Psychology also routinely organizes such events every year.

Socialization of Curriculum 2020 Transition & Arise Program, Faculty of Computer Sciences of UI

OPEN HOUSE FASILKOM UI 2020, annual event organized by BEM Fasilkom UI as the stage to introduce Faculty of Computer Science of Universitas Indonesia to high school students.

RUMBAIA (Rumah Belajar FIA) 2020 shelters FIA UI students’ interest to participate in Rumah Belajar FIA, facilitates elementary school children in guidance area with learning media appropriate to education level, gives learning material in video form to elementary school children through Youtube channel, and increases elementary school children skill in academic sector particularly in Math

EPIDEMIOLOGY STUDENT FORUM increases Episentrum FKM 2020 income for operational needs and others not covered in RKAT budget by providing basic epidemiology teacher service for S1 students by opening a class.

Universitas Indonesia has a policy that ensures that access to these activities is accessible to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability or gender. For example, Universitas Indonesia’s vision and mission according to Indonesian Government Regulation Number 68 of 2013 concerning the Statute of the Universitas Indonesia (UI) and nine basic UI’s values. UI is committed to providing access for the public to get long-life learning, one of which is UI’s policy of opening the Extension Class Undergraduate Program which is intended to provide opportunities for education for those whose age does not meet the requirements to enter the Regular Class Undergraduate Program or for those who are already working but want to increase the level of education. Based on Indonesian Government Regulation Number 68 of 2013 concerning the Statute of the Universitas Indonesia (UI) Article 2 Paragraph (1): “UI has a vision to become the center of excellence and competitiveness in science, technology, and culture, through the efforts of educating the nation by improving the welfare of the community, thereby contributing to the development of Indonesian society and the world”. Article 2 Paragraph (2): “Universitas Indonesia has following missions: a. Providing broad and fair access, as well as quality education and teaching; b. Organizing quality Tridharma activities that are relevant to national and global challenges; c. Creating graduates with high intellectual quality, noble character, and able to compete globally; and d. Creating an academic environment capable of supporting the realization of UI’s vision.“

Apart from Vision and Mission, UI also introduces nine Basic Values, namely: 1. Honesty 2. Justice and Fairness 3. Trustworthiness 4. Dignity & Respect 5. Accountability 6. Togetherness 7. Transparency 8. Academic Freedom dan Scientific Autonomy 9. Compliance to Laws

UI Vision & Mission

Government Decree No. 68 of 2013 concerning UI Statutes

To Realize Vision, UI has 9 Basic Values

Parallel Bachelor Program in Faculty of Law of UI

FEB UI organizes accountancy extension program

To ensure that the events could be accessed by all, Faculty of Psychology will publicize their event in their social media and its media partners. The institutions under Faculty of Psychology also have their own social media to publicize their own events and help to reach out a wider range of participants. Moreover, since 2020, Faculty of Psychology has its own official YouTube channel, Fakultas Psikologi UI. In this channel, people can access video documentation of events organized by Faculty of Psychology for the public anytime and anywhere

In order to support life-long learning access Policy Program namely access, Tax Study Program of Vocational Program organizes online tax service and consultation activity to still be able to help the public in the covid19 pandemic era

FIB UI Launches Cultural Literacy Digital Society (CLDS) Online Learning Program

UI gives scholarship for disabled friend

UI Library contributes in raising information literacy skills, data, and digital for campus community members before and during pandemic


Number of graduates in most recent year


Number of graduates with teaching qualification


Percentage of graduates with teaching qualifications


Number of students starting 1st degree


Number of 1st gen students starting 1st degree


Percentage of 1st generation students



To Realize Vision, UI has 9 Basic Values
FIB UI Launches Cultural Literacy Digital Society (CLDS) Online Learning Program
UI Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

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