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Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. There is an urgent need to fully eradicate a wide range of diseases and address many different persistent and emerging health issues.

THE Impact Rankings Methodology 2022, p. 44

Collaborations and health services

Universitas Indonesia is concerned about the state of public health services in Indonesia. The university demonstrates its commitment to improve public health management, research, and health sciences education through collaborations with various institutions in the public health sector in order to improve local and global health and well-being.

Universitas Indonesia strives to optimize service most importantly in implementing public health in its various aspects such as developing science and technology within the health sector and maintaining collaborations from various sides, both partnership with private enterprises and the government. In facing the pandemic, Universitas Indonesia realizes the decisive moment to provide the best service to the public in order to assist in building a resilient society. Universitas Indonesia has integrated its health faculties such as the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Nursing, and Faculty of Pharmacy to support health services such as Universitas Indonesia Hospital, Universitas Indonesia Dental Hospital, Satellite Clinic, and Faculty of Medicine Microbiology Laboratory. Universitas Indonesia has also provided isolation facilities for the public by utilizing its lodging facilities around the campus. In the mission of building a strong society during the pandemic, Universitas Indonesia has continuously assisted hundreds of thousands of public vaccinations.

The partnership between UI and the various stakeholders in Indonesia is formally formulated since 2017 through the Rector’s Decree Number 0399/SK/R/UI/2017 on the Academic Health System. The academic health system is a network formed by faculties within the health sciences cluster (faculty of medicine, faculty of dentistry, faculty of public health, faculty of nursing, faculty of pharmacy). Universitas Indonesia is very concerned about the state of public health services. Consequently, to improve these services, UI continues to carry out collaborations with various institutions in the public health sector to improve local and global health and well-being. There is a hope that through these collaborations, health services in the community will improve and increase in number so that people do not have to worry about health service problems anymore.

Faculty of Dentistry of Universitas Indonesia constantly explores to deal with specific conditions and diseases in oral health, and support the community

Collaboration between Puskesad and Faculty of Medicine of UI

Signing of Collaboration between RSUI and BPJS Kesehatan

Collaboration between Academic Health System (AHS) of UI and RSUPN dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo

RSMG collaborates with Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Indonesia

10 Research Innovation Faculty of Engineering UI: Ventilator to COVID-19 Therapy Drugs

Faculty of Pharmacy of UI Donates 3,380 Liter of Hand Sanitizer First Batch for health care facilities (fasyankes)

Collaborations with health institutions at Faculty of Nursing UI

Furthermore, UI collaborates with many parties, local and abroad. To pioneer the emergence of general physicians, specialists, and world class scientists, the first and main conjunction is with hospital institutions. Faculty of Medicine UI fully realizes that building strong relationship between faculty of medicine and educational hospital is a vital key for the success of medical education. Globalization era which starts to permeate medical world is also recognized as a challenge. The advance of medical science, from education, clinic practices, technological advances, to research area, must be in contact with international collaboration. Faculty of Medicine UI tries to resolve this global challenge by collaborating with various institutions abroad.

Following the evidence of consistency in producing world class physicians, Faculty of Medicine UI collaborates with various parties, both abroad and domestic

Universitas Indonesia delivers outreach programmes and projects in the local community.

Firstly, Open Videos Universitas Indonesia (OVIS UI) is a platform that can be easily accessed by the public whose contents are created to promote health, hygiene, sports, family planning, and other topics related to activities in the community.

Secondly, UI, through the Faculty of Public Health UI Care (Peduli) program, conducts activities including UI Peduli Corona Natuna in Natuna. The third program is an ongoing research in regards to student housing outside of the campus area. The study aims to approach the issues found in off-campus student housing in a comprehensive rather than a fragmented manner by incorporating the interactions between the physical condition and the behavior of the housing inhabitants. Health interventions carried out are the introduction of Clean and Healthy Behavior, cigarettes, garbage, drugs, early marriage, etc.






Thirdly, the research about off-campus student housing. The findings of this systematic review indicate that safety and health issues are still seen in a fragmented manner rather than a comprehensive manner by looking at the interaction between its inhabitants’ physical condition and behavior.

UI PEDULI Corona Natuna, 24-27 February 2020

Making Hand Sanitizer Meeting WHO Standard

Faculty of Pharmacy UI Distributes Free Hand Sanitizer for Commuter Line User

Escalation of Health Worker and Trainee Capacity as Promotor of Covid-19 Prevention Based on Teenage Posyandu Service in South Tangerang City

Helping Device and Toothbrush Modification for Former Leprosy Patient (OYPMK) in Kampung Sitanala

Preventing Covid-19 Transmission in Mosque through Socialization of 5R Concept by UI Community Service Team

Eight Years Indonesian Hydration Working Group (IHWG) of Faculty of Medicine UI Involves in Educating Public for Healthy Hydration

Meeting of Kasad with Faculty of Medicine UI Dean, Discussing Collaboration between TNI AD and Universitas Indonesia

Community Service in Faculty of Nursing UI

List of Community Engagement Activities in Faculty of Nursing UI

Data list of Management and Prevention of Covid-19 activity 2020 UI

“Overview of Immunity against the COVID-19 and Herd Immunity” webinar discussed aspects of the human body’s immunity against COVID-19 infection, including immunity to prevent infection and immunity formed after the recovery of COVID-19. Problems that arise with the occurrence of recurrent infection cases that occur in patients who have previously recovered from COVID-19 were described in this webinar. In addition, the elaboration of vaccination and herd immunity was also discussed based on the challenges and rationale for its implementation. In this webinar, the public was given a pre-test and post-test to assess the level of public knowledge regarding immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19 and herd immunity.

This webinar discussed the rationality of herbal use in Indonesian society in terms of safety, dosage, and duration of use. In this case, the rise of claims of health products as treatment was also discussed in terms of scientific studies and their validity. In addition, the public was also educated on how to safely and adequately use herbs for body health during the COVID-19 pandemic. The herbs discussed in this webinar include plants recommended by BPOM, which Prof. Dr Berna Elya, Apt, M.Sc. presented, and other popular and common plants around the community brought by Roshamur Cahyan Forestrania, PhD, M.Sc., Apt. The two speakers in this webinar came from the Faculty of Pharmacy, specializing in phytochemistry and pharmacognosy. In this webinar, the public was given a pre-test and post-test to assess the level of public knowledge regarding herbs and their rational use for body health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar with the topic “The Rationality of COVID-19 Infection Prevention Methods” described the proper and safe use of masks, soaps, antiseptics and disinfectants to reduce COVID-19 morbidity. In addition, personal protective equipment or PPE used by the community was also reviewed based on chemical and health reviews, safety and accuracy of use, and environmentally friendly aspects. Speakers delivered the presentation for this webinar from the chemistry field. At this webinar, the public was given a pre-test and post-test to assess the level of knowledge and implementation of the prevention of COVID-19 infection that had been carried out.

In this webinar, education was carried out regarding introducing the COVID-19 disease as well as its symptoms and transmission according to the latest available scientific data. First speaker in this webinar described the characteristics, pathogenicity, and transmission of SARS-CoV-2. In addition, 2nd speaker from the medical field provided studies on the transmission of COVID-19, which was linked to the new normal policy launched by the government. In this webinar, the public was given a pre-test and post-test to assess the level of public knowledge about the infection and symptoms of COVID-19.

Universitas Indonesia features a number of sports facilities in the form of an Outdoor Stadium, Indoor Stadium, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Golf Course, Basketball and Futsal Court, Badminton Court, Volleyball Court, Hockey Court, along with bikes and scooters for exercising inside UI. These facilities can be enjoyed free of charge by UI’s academic community. In addition, UI has a 10+ km jogging/cycling track inside the campus that can be accessed by the public.

The high public interest in exercise has turned the demand for exercise facilities into an important need. On weekends, UI becomes a destination for both the community of the surrounding area as well as those further away to fulfil their need for physical activities, such as jogging, cycling, aerobics, and running through UI’s Urban Forest. Universitas Indonesia continues to develop its sports facilities to accommodate the health needs of the public in which healthy living has recently become a trend.

UI Builds International Standard Sport Facility

UI Stadium Facility

Felicity Festival at Integrated Faculty Club UI to support campus activity and program

GOWES, Manifestation of Spekun UI Revitalization

BNI-UI Half Marathon 2019 in UI Campus

Faculty of Psychology have a sports field near the canteen. This sports field can be used by students to play basketball and football

Faculty Economics and Business of Universitas Indonesia has a sport facility named Pertamina Hall for Basketball, Volley ball, and Futsal Court. This facility can be enjoyed free of charge by UI’s academic community

Universitas Indonesia (UI) officiated “Vaccination Center of Indonesian Student” as concrete support of acceleration of herd immunity in Indonesia in Sport Facility (Sarana Olahraga (SOR)), UI Campus Depok

One Week Accepting OTG Covid-19 in Depok, Wisma Makara UI is Almost Full

Universitas Indonesia provides students access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services through free health services for students that are provided by UI Satellite Clinic and Faculty.

UI Satellite Clinic is the center for physical and mental health services, including health check-ups, psychological counselling for mental health, sexual and reproductive health services. The faculty also provides facilitation services concerning mental health, sexual and reproductive issues. Badan Konseling Mahasiswa (Students Counselling Body) is an institution at UI that delivers services for students in the effort of maintaining health well-being, providing mental health advocacy for those having trouble with academic hindrances, personal and family issues, social challenges, and other problems related to mental and sexual health. The counselling services are delivered individually or in groups.

The services are meant to help students recognize their issues and ultimately to address them properly with the correct treatment and solutions. The counselling team of BKM UI includes psychologists, psychiatrists, and academic counsellors.

Counselling Service of UI Satellite Clinic

UI Depok Campus Clinic supported by 9 physician categorized medical workers and 7 nurses

Instagram UI Makara Satellite Clinic

Guidance and Counselling in Faculty of Economy and Business of UI

Integrated Clinic is Teaching Clinic to provide examination, evaluation and psychologist consultation service to public

Universitas Indonesia provides students and staff with access to mental health support through The UI Satellite Clinic Counseling Service. It is a facility provided for UI residents (students, lecturers, and employees) in maintaining their mental well-being by providing psychological assistance to those who experience academic, personal, and/or family problems. The scope of health care carried out includes promotional, preventive, and curative activities. Psychological assistance is provided in the form of training, counselling, and therapy. Guidance is the provision of information both individually and in groups with the aim that students can learn and build social relationships optimally. Counselling is the process of providing assistance to UI residents who have problems in understanding the real problem and encouraging them to find solutions to these problems. Here, the counsellor acts as a facilitator.

UI Satellite Clinic Counselling Service

As the faculty that mainly promotes mental health, the Faculty of Psychology also provides mental health support for its student, staff/employee, and the public. Integrated Clinic (Klinik Terpadu) is one of the examples for that purpose. Integrated Clinic provides counselling and various psychological tests services. For students of the Faculty of Psychology as well as its employee, they could access the counselling service for free. As for the general public, counselling session with a senior psychologist is charged Rp225.000, while with junior psychologist Rp170.000. Integrated Clinic opens every Monday to Friday from 08.00-16.00 WIB and is located inside the Faculty of Psychology area near the parking lot.

Other than Integrated Clinic, the Faculty of Psychology also organizes events related to mental health regularly. These events could be organized by the faculty itself or institution under the Faculty of Psychology, coordinated with other organizations and institutions, or organized by students under the supervision of the faculty. One of the examples of mental health support organized by the students is PSYHope. PSYHope provides peer counselling that could be accessed freely. The peer counsellors are the students of the Faculty of Psychology that have been trained to give mental first aid to their peers. PSYHope also routinely organizes seminars for the public to further promote mental health. 

Furthermore, the student counseling unit is tasked with providing assistance to students who are dealing with problems including academics, learning strategies, student organizations, socialization with peer groups at the Faculty of Law related to issues of adaptation to the new environment for new students, assistance is also carried out on sexual harassment and addiction problems game online.


Mental Health during COVID-19 Pandemic Review

Student Counselling Body of FIB UI

Guidance and Counselling in Faculty of Economy and Business of UI

Mental health support in Faculty of Nursing of UI

Counseling for Students of the Faculty of Law

Universitas Indonesia has established a smoking free area within the campus area since 2011 based on the Rector’s Decree number 1805/SK/R/UI/2011 concerning Universitas Indonesia No-Smoking Areas (KTR UI). These technical guidelines have been prepared in order to provide more complete information and a uniform reference regarding the implementation of KTR UI at the faculty, postgraduate, and university levels. ‘No smoking area’ banners are also posted in some areas inside the campus.

Smoking Prohibition 


KTR: UI Effort in Reducing Smokers in Campus

Faculty of Engineering of Universitas Indonesia implements No Smoking Area Policy in FTUI Campus

Faculty of Nursing of UI Upholds No Smoking Area

Webinar on World No Tobacco Day of UI 2020


Number of graduates in most recent year


Number of graduates in health professions in most recent year


Percentage of graduates from health



Signing of Collaboration between RSUI and BPJS Kesehatan
10 Research Innovation Faculty of Engineering UI: Ventilator to COVID-19 Therapy Drugs
Universitas Indonesia (UI) officiated “Vaccination Center of Indonesian Student”

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